Summer actions at the Museu Picasso: the museum keeps working for quality visits

With the arrival of summer, Barcelonians have more free time and many visitors arrive in the city hoping to have a good time and take advantage of its large cultural offering. The fact that the Museu Picasso is one of the main points of interest in this offering demonstrates that Picasso’s work is of international interest and that the legacy he left to the city of Barcelona continues to be enjoyed by the public.

La Mercè 09

Museu Picasso. La Mercè 09. Photo: Jordi Mota

Despite our maintenance efforts, air conditioning is quite complicated due to high temperatures and the architectonic characteristics of the buildings where the museum is located. It is a top issue for the museum, which it has been working for some time to resolve in various ways, including improvements to the facilities and a reduced number of visitors at specific times.

La Mecè 09

Museu Picasso. Photo: Jordi Mota

In line with this last measure, the museum has limited entry from 600 to 500 visitors per hour, which allows a better conditioning and a more adequate regulation of the hall temperatures, in turn leading to a more satisfactory visit. To avoid long lines, advanced ticket sales by time slots are available, allowing better visitor management and avoiding large crowds.

La Mercè 09

Museu Picasso. Photo: Jordi Mota

Additionally, those who wish to only visit temporary exhibitions may buy tickets at the Pati Finestres (Montcada 23) box office, thereby avoiding crowding at the permanent collection that occasionally occurs.

The Palau Finestres

Exhibition Picasso versus Rusiñol. Photo: Xavier Torres-Bacchetta

These measures not only allow us to improve visit quality, but also help us to continue meeting the requirements for preventive conservation of the artworks on display in the halls. Caring fortion, visit, preventive cons, safeguarding and interpreting artworks are some of the primordial functions of any museum, and at the Museu Picasso our standards for preventive conservation are of the most demanding and up-to-date.

We strive for your visit to the Museu Picasso to be a very positive and enjoyable experience. This blog is meant to be an open space for communication and discussion, and we thank you in advance for sending us your comments, opinions, questions and suggestions that will without a doubt help us improve the museum.

Pepe Serra, Director

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