40 years working at the Museu Picasso

It’s said in no time and it’s a whole lifetime. Margarita Ferrer is leaving the Museum and all of us in the team wanted to be with her at her farewell party. Current colleagues and many old friends from other times, in-house and out-of-house, from the world of museums and the world of photography, plus Margarita’s family, of course.

As the present director and on behalf of the Museum’s former directors I want to say a big thanks for all the very, very good work, the dedication and the human warmth that Margarita has put into the Museum.As a symbol of our deep regard it is my pleasure to present her with membership card number one of the Museu Picasso Honor Circle. She has witnessed and been an active part of almost the whole of the centre’s life. Thank you, Margarita, and please come back whenever you like to this, your other home.

Pepe Serra

Margarita’s words are reproduced below, together with some photographs of the occasion.

“The great day has arrived and the truth is that I feel very happy and excited! Of course this is a decisive moment in my life, but from now on I’m going to do a lot of things that please and interest me.

I’ve worked at the Museu Picasso for 40 years and although time seems to have flown past, when I go over these years in my mind I realize that a great deal has happened and that it has indeed been a long and intense eventful period.

Marga party Marga party

All of the team gathered in the Las Meninas room, a few minutes before the start | Pepe and Margarita commenting on the dedications

I had the good fortune to experience at first hand the restoration of democracy, the first big demonstrations, the return of President Tarradellas, the first elections, the Barcelona Olympic Games and a host of other things… above all the development of the Museu Picasso, which under Maite Ocaña evolved step by step over more than 20 years to become a world-class museum.

Marga party Marga party

Time for applause | Reyes in action

When I started, in March 1970, Picasso had just made his great donation to the city of Barcelona, thus effectively binding my destiny to the Museu Picasso. There I met Helena Martorell and together we set out to get to know Picasso, initially in the Modern Art Museum in the Ciutadella park. We went to his sister Lola’s house on Passeig de Gràcia to collect the donated Picassos and move them to the Museu d’Art de Catalunya, where in ‘La Nassa’ we worked away surrounded by Picassos, restoring, framing, cataloguing, photographing and preparing them for their transfer to the extended Museu Picasso. I have many wonderful memories of that time: of Joan Ainaud de Lasarte, María Julia, Cecília Vidal, Montserrat Rogent, María Luisa Sainz de la Maza, Pradell, Charrié and Porta, to name only a few.

During all these years we worked hard — very hard… but we also had a great time! We have all played our part in making the Museu Picasso what it is, and although there were very few of us we were full of enthusiasm and formed a great team in which all of us had the same objective and the same hopes.

Marga party Marga party

Opening the gifts with Malén and Marta. Reporter, Núria | Leafing through the photo album

Little by little our numbers grew. Antonio came, then Annabelle, Malén, Núria, Conchi, Lluís, Ángel, Anna … Sonia. A little later, Margarida, Manel, Isa, Reyes, Montse, the Martas…

I see my museum colleagues: Cristina, Tote, MariEli, Mercè and Rosa Maria. Pilar Vélez, who started out in the Museu Picasso. And my colleagues from the world of photography, whom I was always asking for favours, always in a rush, and who never let me down: Rosa, Jordi, Ramon, Martí and the Gasull boys. My warmest thanks to you all.

Marga party Marga party

With Maite Ocaña | It wouldn’t be a party without Conchi’s empanada!

The years went by, and one day Maite decided to ‘go to the mountain’, and along came the new management with new projects and new dreams. The offices have become too small with all the young people in them now, so I think that the change-over has arrived at the right time for me. As Pepe put it, affectionately, I belong to the historical memory of the Museum, and now your time has come. Allow me to thank you most sincerely for your warm reception and your friendship… and never forget how privileged you are in being able to work in the Museu Picasso.

Thank you all for being with me on this day that is so important to me. A big kiss to each of you, with all my heart!”

Margarita Ferrer

  • Jaume Maymó
    July 12, 2010

    benvolguda MARGARITA,
    Divendres passat varem trobar-nos pel carrer quan sorties del museu i ara volia felicitar-te per la teva \”memòria\” professional, pel treball desenvolupat al museu. Segur que tornarem a coincidir, pel carrer montcada. Molts records i una forta abraçada.

  • Malén
    July 12, 2010

    La Margo té raó. És un privilegi treballar al Museu Picasso, com també és un privilegi haver-la conegut i compartir tantes i tant bones experiències amb ella.

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