The students ‘open up’ Las Meninas! Joint Venture between the Escola Deià and the Museu Picasso

On Thursday, 17 June the Museu Picasso hosted the presentation of the book LAS MENINAS # SÈRIE OBERTA, the result of collaborative venture between the Museum and the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny Deià. The story begins with an invitation to the city’s art schools with the aim of opening the doors of the Museum and generating dialogues with young design students, encouraging them to take a fresh and freely critical look at the institution.

The Escola Deià, which specializes in interior design and ephemeral architecture, centred the project on the exhibition concept, with a particular focus on the series Las Meninas, one of the most important works in the Museum’s collection.

The pedagogical approach to the exhibition theme was based on providing the students with tools for analyzing and understanding the four main axes of the programme of work:

  • The 58 paintings by Picasso which make up the series
  • The sequence of mediaeval buildings in which the Museum is housed
  • The Museu Picasso as one of the city’s cultural institutions
  • The role of the public as active protagonists and receivers of cultural contents

Publication Publication

Students works

The results of all of this work done during the past academic year are now been brought together in the publication LAS MENINAS # SÈRIE OBERTA, the true protagonists of which are the students, who outline the projects that have emerged from this fruitful experience, which set out to stimulate reflection on possible new lines of development for the exhibition phenomenon in a museum and an art and design school of the 21st century.

Presentation Presentation

During the presentation of the publication



The presentation of the publication in the courtyard of the Palau Finestres, with the presence of students, teachers and directors of the Escola Deià, the staff of the Education Service and the management team of the Museu Picasso, provided an emotive and festive conclusion to this exceptional experience.

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