More than a performing arts season: a great experience of working together!

We are launching the Meeting Point Season of Multidisciplinary Performing Arts, a brand new venture conceived as an exploration of how the languages of circus, dance and music interrelated and in turn give rise to new languages and new disciplines.

These creative fields are very close to the processes and interests of Pablo Picasso, but at the same time they are disciplines that have undergone a formal and conceptual evolution. Here at the Museum we wanted to explore this evolution and contribute to a tremendously vital cultural moment that is of great relevance today.

The season is also a development of an earlier project, Sundays at the Picasso, from which it has inherited its small format, its proximity to the public and its commitment to performers of the highest quality.

Punt de trobada

We also want to thank the season’s curators, Francesc Casadesús and Jordi Fondevila, for their magnificent work, and the Mercat de les Flors for their invaluable cooperation. The relationship between the Museum and the Mercat, two institutions which might appear to have very different interests and fields of action, has been very fruitful and rewarding for both, an experience of sharing knowledge and skills that we hope to repeat and extend to include other institutions.

Our first guests are CaboSanRoque and their Machine Music. We’re sure you’ll love them! It’s a great pleasure to give them (and give you) a very warm welcome!

Anna Guarro
Public Programms

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