The work of extending the Museum is now progressing at a good pace

After several months of intense archaeological work occasioned by the discovery of remains of mediaeval and Roman Barcelona just as excavation of the site was getting under way, the construction firm has finally been able to bring in the machines and start work.

At present it seems as if all there is to see is a big hole, but a closer look reveals the structural elements of the building – the pillars, the bearing walls and the entire perimeter.


The work of extending the Museum. Photo: Josep Maria Llobet

Last week the big tower crane that will be used to construct the building was set up. The current estimate for completion of the work is about eleven months, and it is expected that by the spring of next year the Museum’s Education Services and the Centre for Documentation and Research will be fully operational in their new home on the Plaça Jaume Sabartés.


The work of extending the Museum. Snowing…

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