Picasso stories

What story do you think lies behind some of Picasso’s works?

Barcelona’s Picasso Museum and the UOC’s lletrA project invite you to take part in the “Picasso in Words” micro-story writing competition.

The micro-works for this prize should be brief stories of a maximum of 1,500 characters (including spaces). The subject matter should be inspired by one of the following works from the collection at Barcelona’s Picasso Museum:

The Riera de Sant Joan Street The offering Foofs of Barcelona
The Embrace Painter Working Portrait of the Artist's Mother
Riera de Sant Joan Street, The Offering, Roofs of Barcelona,
The Embrace, Painter Working,Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

A narrative or dialogue should be created inspired by the work chosen. No doubt, reference will have to be made to the scene depicted, but you can take advantage of any narrative thread you can see in the painting.

Take this chance! you  have time until 23 April.

For more information, please check the TERMS

Museum’s newsroom


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