20 major projects for 2010 in Museu Picasso

We are starting to carry out a number of ambitious projects for this year. It is possible to take this jump forward due to new lines of action and new services (education, activities, research, internet, publics, etc.) that have taken on form and grown at a good pace. There is still a lot to do, in a social, cultural and economic environment that is permanently changing. The museum, thanks to the effort and professionalism of the whole team, continues on its path towards the aim of positioning itself as a centre with a totally consolidated public vocation for generating knowledge around the figure and work of Picasso at an international level, while at the same time closely linked to the social and organisational networks of the city, and activator of processes of creation.

Below is a list of the major projects that we are working on. Some of them starting and to be completed within the year, while others have a longer time scan, and will start and continue a process that will be completed over the next few years, as is the case of the new reasoned catalogue.

  1. The Director Plan 2010-2013 to be completed and put into practice
  2. The Scientific / Advisory Board of the Museum to be constituted
  3. To progress with the works of the new building for Knowledge and Research
  4. To produce the Rodney Graham, Rusiñol, Degas exhibitions
  5. To produce two monographic displays: one about the Picasso exhibition in the Sala Esteva in Barcelona in 1936 and another about Science and Charity
  6. To plan the new presentation of the collection
  7. To enlarge the collection of works and the archive collection
  8. To start the first programmes of Knowledge and Research
  9. To widen the educational programme
  10. To create and put into practice the Plan of Accessibility
  11. To elaborate a new guide of the collection and audio-guides
  12. To complete and spread the analytical and radiographic study of the collection
  13. To complete the online collection
  14. To enrich and boost the presence in the social networks
  15. To make an audiovisual production about Picasso and Barcelona
  16. To initiate a new reasoned catalogue
  17. To consolidate the Picassiana network in Catalonia
  18. To enlarge the community of members of the Carnet MPB (Picasso Museum of Barcelona Card)
  19. To increase the online ticket sales
  20. To increase the fund-raising through sponsorship

As with the whole of the selection, we could have included other projects: there are many others which we are currently undertaking that are not on the list, such as, for example loans of works, travelling exhibitions, the formal constitution of the Board of Honour (“historic”), cyclical activities, collaboration with entities and collectives for specific programmes, other new publications, online sales for groups, applications for mobile devices, and possibly a very long etcetera that needs to be assessed, and if necessary, redefined.

I am very grateful to all users, online and onsite visitors, participants in the activities, cooperating entities, and internal and external professionals for the support they give to the museum. Thanks to your energy, your criticisms and your complicity, the museum will continue to grow and improve. I wish you all the best for 2010!

Pepe Serra

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