A crane in Museu Picasso

The buildings that make up the Museu Picasso require constant maintenance, be it building works, installations or painting.

This autumn has been the turn for modifying the air conditioning system on the ground floor. It has been necessary to insulate the circuit and install a new air conditioner. The project was relatively easy to do, but to carry it out, we came up against major logistical problems.

The air conditioner had to go on the roof of one of the buildings; it was just one piece of equipment but considerable in size and weight. Transporting this machine up to the roof was the most complicated part.

To start with it was necessary to get a crane that was capable of lifting up the machine so as to place it on top of a 4 storey building. You can imagine the dimensions… and the only access was through Flassaders street and the Plaça Sabartés, right in the middle of medieval Barcelona where the streets are no more than 2.5 metres wide.


It has been a display of skill and professionalism by the driver both in terms of reaching the exact point for carrying out the operation as well as the operation itself of putting up the crane over the existing buildings.


Undoubtedly, the people that visit the museum can hardly imagine what goes on behind the doors so that this facility functions, but that day those who were walking around the neighbourhood of la Ribera were able to get a bit of an idea!!!!


It is for sure that this winter, now that the cold has finally arrived, when the people who work on the ground floor – the cloakroom, information, reception, or ticket office, have to switch on the heating to warm up the walls of stone, more than one will remember the driver of the crane!!!

Núria Fradera

Chief Executive Officer

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