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Two notable activities have recently come along to assist the growth of the Museum’s Internet project. First of all, the Museu Picasso has been invited, for the second year running, to take a place on the International Program Committee of the worldwide conference on Museums & the Web and take part in the evaluation and selection of the proposed papers, forums and workshops. The forthcoming conference will be held in Denver, Colorado, and the committee includes representatives of such prestigious institutions as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Walker Art Center and the Museum Studies Programme at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, with the Museu Picasso the only Spanish art centre on the committee. Visit the Museums 2.0 blog for a detailed account of the 2009 conference.


Museums & the Web website.

The other bit of news has to do with the ‘Rencontres Web-Musées’ session at the Musée du Louvre in October on the theme of museums and 2.0. As we explained in the blog a few weeks ago, the Museum was invited to report on its project for an active presence on the social networks and also on our participatory Become a Fauvist Photography Competition on Flickr. Here you can see the winning images. And here is the PowerPoint of the Museu Picasso’s Web 2.0 presentation at the Louvre.

Introducing the Museu Picasso’s Flickr initiative in the Musée du Louvre in October 2009. Photo: Diane Drubay.

In quite a different area, which goes beyond the digital sphere, I must mention that the Museum is also contributing, along with experts from around the world, to the online participatory process of reviewing Nina Simon’s book on Participatory Museums, due out in 2010. The book, which is now in the final draft stage, is a far-reaching theoretical reflection on user participation in museums, illustrated with examples of great (and not so great) practice. At the same time the book is itself an excellent example of a participatory process with regard to the review and editing of its content, even including its title. This seems to me to be such a fascinating process that I can promise there will be more in the blog soon about this innovative publishing initiative.

Conxa Rodà
Project Coordination

Which amazing 2.0 practices have you experienced in museums’ and/or art world?

  • astorat
    November 16, 2009

    Una experencia de l’art de la falsificacio de Picassos es trova a la portada del cataleg de subhasta Brok de la ciutat de Barcelona 16 XI.2009 Fora bo que el Museu P. vetlles pel bon nom del sr PICASSO, es clamorosa la falsificacio

  • Mariona Lloret
    November 17, 2009

    que interessant aquest procés participatiu de llibre, expliqueu-ne + coses!

  • Redacció museu
    November 17, 2009

    T’agraïm molt la informació, “Astorat”. Aprofitem per fer un aclariment: és la Picasso Administration, amb seu a París, constituïda pels hereus de Picasso i gestora dels drets de la seva obra, qui certifica els originals i vetlla per l’ús correcte de la figura i obra de Picasso. El seu web és

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