How we chose the winners of Become a Fauvist and more about the process of the competition on Flickr.

It’s now three months since 30 July when we threw ourselves into this photo initiative in parallel with the Kees van Dongen exhibition of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona, and last week the short-listed pictures in the Become a Fauvist competition were posted up on Facebook and Flickr. Now, on the blog, we’d like to let you share the sensations of those three months of competition and, above all, show you the winning photos and some of the runners-up.

Become a Fauvist was exciting for us: this was the first interactive experience that we have organized with your help and your contributions. Using Flickr we were able to enjoy this participation to the full, and thanks to your enthusiastic response to the initiative – and taking advantage of the city festivities – extended the competition an extra week to give those of you who still hadn’t snapped the photo you were looking for a little more time.

The jury responsible for selecting the finalists and the winners was made up of the Director of the Museum and the heads of the following departments: Publications, Press and Communication, Photographic Archive and Internet.

The Winners:


On the left, ‘You’re going to do what?!!by Anne Lister (Wilmslow, UK). On the right, ‘Going down?‘ by Daniel Medalie (Ohio, USA).


From left to right, ‘PhotoCollage by Peter Combe, NileeCulture‘ (San Francisco, USA); “OR6by Francesc Farran (Barcelona, Spain), and ‘Before the Stormby Amanda Lynn (New York, USA).

As you can see, there was a great variety of different styles, techniques and places of origin – from our very own Barcelona to England and the United States, an added value in a participatory initiative that highlighted, among other things, a heterogeneous range of individual approaches.

With the competition already under way and the deadline for entries rapidly approaching, it suddenly occurred to us that all of you Net users – who are after all the real stars here – should have the chance to vote directly for your favourite pictures. So we put together a blog with the 300 Fauvist photographs received, to let all of you competition entrants and the Internet community at large have your say.


Tintes – CHEFCHAUEN‘ by Marc Tomàs (Barcelona), winner of the popular vote.

If you’ve had even a quick look at the competition entries, I’m sure you’ll understand how hard it was for the judges to choose the five overall winners. The really exceptional quality of the pictures by so many talented participants evidently deserved special recognition, so the jury decided to pick another five runners-up, shown here:


From left to right, ‘Hot‘ by Evelyn Berg (Edmonton, Canada); “Abstract art in the sky” by Maximus Difermo (Siggiewi, Malta), and “Nothing but reflection!‘ by AgniMax (Kochi, India).


On the left, ‘Treescape‘ by Margaret Clough (England). On the right, ‘CCC‘ by Wampie Kat (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

We’d also like to give a special mention to an experimental educational project – the local schools’ film workshops entitled “Cinema en curs”, who wanted to be involved in our initiative and sent us some of their students’ photographs from the workshop ‘What are the colours of my environment?’

We want to thank you all for your participation, your support and your warm response to this proposal. If you haven’t seen all of the pictures yet, you can still find them in this magnificent gallery in which our competition Fauvists have contributed their splash of colour.

So, that brings this very rewarding experience to a close. Well, it brings this one to a close: it’s time to start thinking about the next one!

Museum’s newsroom

What do you think of this first competition on the theme of Fauvism? What other initiatives within the Flickr community would you like the Museu Picasso to get involved in? Share your views!

  • Cristina
    November 2, 2009

    És molt interessant que hi hagi activitats entorn al Museu com ha estat aquesta iniciativa. El que és molt curiós és també veure la procedència d’aquestes fotos, i comprovar la difusió internacional del Museu i de les seves iniciatives.

  • Redacció museu
    November 3, 2009

    Moltes gràcies Cristina!
    Realment el concurs ha tingut una molt bona acollida 😉
    Això ens anima a pensar en noves propostes!

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