Only a few weeks left to Become a Fauvist in the Museu Picasso competition on Flickr

October 4 is the new closing date for sending in your photos to the competition we are organizing on Flickr, the photography social network that lets you share pictures with other internet users. Specifically, we are looking for images in which the emphasis is on colour, and inviting you to send in up to a maximum of 5 photos, inspired by the art of the Fauves, to coincide with the current exhibition of work by the Dutch artist Kees van Dongen at the Museu Picasso.

So far quite a number of ‘Fauvist’ artists have been inspired to take part in this latest initiative launched by the Museum. To date the group boasts more than 70 participants from around the world, ranging from Catalonia to Germany to Japan and the USA, who together have submitted over 200 snapshots: colours, colours and more colours, in dazzling contrast, embracing the most original and diverse moments and motifs, in the form of landscapes, travel photos, abstract art… there are no limits! These are just a taster.


Images by Corinna Wagner (Germany), Oriol Salvador (Barcelona) and Tod Rollins (USA).

So, please send us your pictures, original or retouched, with the most Fauvist stamp you can give them, making the most of the colours, contrasting and modifying them to bring to life that really eye-grabbing shot. We look forward to posting a sample of the best on the Museu Picasso website, and the creators of the top five will each receive a free Museu Picasso Member’s Card.

All you have to do is your send contribution to our Become a Fauvist group! You still have time until October 4.

  • Xavier
    September 10, 2009

    sí que hi ha fotos estupendes!!!
    és impressionant qunat de bo hi ha entre els aficionats. I molt distret de veure tota la galeria, ho psoaré al meu Fbook

  • jaime
    November 19, 2015

    se conocen obras fauvistas de Picasso? Lienzos, estudios…

    Y de estilo más naíf??

  • Museu Picasso
    November 20, 2015

    Hola Jaime, Picasso no fue un pintor fauvista pero en sus primeros viajes a París se interesó por este estilo, como se aprecia en las obras realizadas en su estancia en esta ciudad en 1901, como son “La espera (Margot)” o “La nana”. En cuanto a obras naif, aunque no se puede hablar de creaciones suyas en ese estilo, fue un buen conocedor de su máximo exponente, el llamado “aduanero Rousseau”, el pintor Henri Rousseau, a quien conoció en el París de principios de s. XX.

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