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A visit to remember

The aging of the population represents one of the major social transformations of the 21st century and it requires an active response to foster the social value and the capital of experience of elderly people, and also to undertake actions for improving their quality of life, both at a physical and a social level. The museum has been working with this collective for the past three years, with the workshop “Picasso in the memory”, in which we work for six months dealing with aspects of the memory through the objects of our collection, and as a result our experience has ...

Picasso’s Barcelona Roofs

We are pleased to share with you some excerpts from an article by Francesc Pujols, ‘The Rooftops of Barcelona’, ??first published in "La Publicidad" on 18 June 1920. Though written a few years after Picasso’s time in Barcelona, when he painted a number of pictures with the city’s rooftops as their theme, the writer seems to be describing some of the works in our collection. We are thankful to the poet Enric Casassess for sending us the article, which came to his mind as he was walking round the Museu Picasso. Roofs of Barcelona. Pablo Picasso, 1903 (more…)

Some True Stories from the Museu Picasso

‘Can we see Picasso’s Mona Lisa?’ ‘Don’t you have any colour postcards of Guernica?’ Unlikely as they may seem, these are some of the odd questions and curious situations that confront the Museum staff from time to time. In its almost 50 years of existence the Museu Picasso has built up a rich stock of good stories — often funny, sometimes surprising and on occasion touching. Here are some of the anecdotes that have become abiding favourites among the Museum’s gallery staff. (more…)

Summer actions at the Museu Picasso: the museum keeps working for quality visits

With the arrival of summer, Barcelonians have more free time and many visitors arrive in the city hoping to have a good time and take advantage of its large cultural offering. The fact that the Museu Picasso is one of the main points of interest in this offering demonstrates that Picasso's work is of international interest and that the legacy he left to the city of Barcelona continues to be enjoyed by the public. (more…)

Protecting Picassos and people

It is well-known that, for the public, security is an unknown and restricted topic. However, as part of the major aim of the Picasso Museum to get close to you, of integrating an online community, we would like to give you the chance of taking a look at everything that is not accessible to the public in general, and therefore to show you how we combine the protection of both art and people in the museum. A different conception: in search of proximity. Firstly, it should be said that in recent years a change has taken place in terms of ...