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This autumn we are renewing the galleries of the collection

Last week we started the changes to the permanent collection of the museum to renew the galleries for this autumn. Throughout the year we have been systematically changing a certain number of drawings and paintings, turning, in this way, the collection into a living organism which is renewed and modified non-stop. The reasons for these changes that we do on a periodical basis is due in some cases to reasons of preventive conservation, as would be the case of the works on paper and the works being restored, and also for reformulations of the expositive discourse of the galleries, either to ...

The chronology of Las Meninas of Picasso

We have written a lot about Las Meninas of Picasso in the digital spaces. In the blog of the museum, we have various related articles that explain, for example, the arrival of the works  at the museum, the reason for the renovation of the presentation in the galleries and the transport during some trips, amongst others. Also in the website of the museum you can find an exhaustive explanation, as well as the article of quality in Wikipedia.  What we don’t have online, but does appear in the physical catalogue, is a chronological list of the worksWith this article we ...

Opening of “The donation of David Douglas Duncan, II”

Since Thursday October 2nd you can enjoy the second of the exhibitions organised with the snapshots that the international photographer David Douglas Duncan, friend of Pablo and Jacqueline Picasso, donated to the museum on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The new proposal counts on a selection of images by this photographer which are a documentary testimony of the Picasso's process of creation. David Douglas Duncan. Picasso Making a Spanish Platter. La Californie, abril de 1957. Modern inkjet digital print. 50 x 60 cm. Gift of David Douglas Duncan, 2013 (more…)

Preparing the trip of The Pigeons by Picasso to Mexico

This month of May, The Pigeons (1957) and the plates Parade of the bullfighters (1957) and Plunging a pair of "banderillas" into the bull (1957) have travelled to the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes de Mèxic for the exhibition "Picasso revealed by David Douglas Duncan" which can be seen until July 20th. But how have the works been prepared to go away on this trip? Pablo Picasso. The Pigeons. Cannes,September 6th 1957. Oil of canvas. 100 x 80 cm. Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1968. MPB 70.451 | Pablo Picasso. Parade of the bullfighters. Cannes, 1957. Cancelled copper plate of the sugar ...

2013 of the Museu Picasso in images

This December we have presented the new programming for the museum for 2014, but before finishing 2013 we would like to take a look back over the activities, exhibitions and work that have been carried out during this year that is coming to a close. Here is a selection of images of the highlights of the museum during 2013: (more…)