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Teachers: we propose you come and get to know us

Last academic year we presented a new educational proposal for the students that visit us within the framework of the field trips programmed by schools and institutes, a proposal you can read about in this article in the blog and that, after this first course, we rate highly in terms of how it helps us to work on the relationship between the students and the works of art. Introducing the new educational proposal (more…)

2012 of the Museu Picasso in images

We are starting 2013 very much on the right foot and with good perspectives for the future of the museum.  Nevertheless, we don’t want to forget everything we did in 2012, so you can find here a small selection of images of some of the projects we carried out in the museum last year: In 2012 we started a new period in the hands of the director Bernardo Laniado-Romero, focusing especially on a revision of the Collection of the museum, as well as giving emphasis to education and accessibility from all the fields. Man leaning against a wall. Pablo Picasso 1899 ...

With two eyes, a nose and a mouth

'Overcoming the fear of drawing’, ‘teaching us to see in different ways’, ‘correcting and correcting to make it better’, ‘a lot of ideas and plenty of resources’, ‘a framework of contextualized art references’, ‘I had a wonderful time’: these are some of the responses we were given by the teachers at the Pere Vila primary school when we talked over the joint training sessions with the Education Service at the Museu Picasso. Pere Vila primary school. Photo: Kisa (more…)