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Doctoral thesis about Pablo Picasso: portrait and self-portrait

There are many publications that have talked about Picasso, his artistic trajectory, his works, hisfriends, his pictorial styles, but as often happens with such multifaceted artists, there will always be something unsaid about Picasso and there are always fields to research and things to learn. Self-portrait. Pablo Picasso. Barcelona, 1899-1900. Charcoal and white crayon on paper. 22.5×16.5cm. MPB 110.632 (more…)

Picasso’s portraits within the European project CHARISMA

The group of material characterization of heritage at the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, led by professor José Francisco García, and the Department of Preventive Conservation from the Museu Picasso with Reyes Jiménez and the assistance of Anna Vélez, have started the development of the study “Early stages of Picasso through material characterization of different portraits” within the framework of the European project CHARISMA (Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures). This project has been coordinated by Dr. B. Brunetti from the University of Perugia, which has facilitated the use of the mobile laboratory MOLAB. (more…)

“In residence”: works of Picasso that are visiting us, Mademoiselle Léonie and Two Women in Front of a Window

This February, the work from the Museum of Fine Arts of Houston Two women in front of a window, painted by Pablo Picasso in 1927, can be visited in the gallery B2 of the museum until the 3rd June. Pablo Picasso,1881-1973. Two Women in Front of a Window. Oil on canvas. Canvas or panel: 397.8x130.8 cm. Frame: 101,6x135.3x5,1 cm. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Gif of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore N. Law (more…)