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Picasso’s study of the street of la Riera de Sant Joan of Barcelona

Throughout his life, Picasso worked in several studios and workshops. During the years he lived in Barcelona he shared studios with other artists: one of them was located on number 17 of Riera de Sant Joan street. He settled there for the first time in 1900, along with his friend Carles Casagemas, and he would return to move there for the second and last time with Ángel Fernández de Soto in 1903. Pablo Picasso. Riera de Sant Joan Street from the window in the artist's studio. Barcelona, 1900. Oil painting on wood. 22,3 x 13,8 cm. MPB 110.213 I Detail of ...

In residence: The studio at La Californie, Dwarf and Adolescent

This month of June our collection once again enters into dialogue with works belonging to other collections. The works The studio at La Californie (1956), Dwarf and Adolescent (both from 1969) can be seen in the gallery 16 and in the galleries of the series of Las Meninas, respectively. Pablo Picasso. Dwarf. Mougins, July 27th 1969. Oil on canvas. 146 x 114 cm. Private collection | Pablo Picasso. Adolescent. Mougins, August 2nd 1969. Oil on canvas. 130 x 97 cm. Private collection (more…)