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Back home: from Paris to Barcelona

Since the large loan of works of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona for the major retrospective of the artist of the Museum of Modern Art of New York in (MOMA) in 1980, never have so many of our highlights from the collection left the museum at one time. But on the occasion of the exhibitions of Masterpieces at the Musée Picasso, Paris and Picasso. Blue and Rose at the Musée d’Orsay, around sixty works of the museum travelled to the French capital last September where they remained until the closing of the two exhibitions at the beginning of January. Now ...

Changes in the galleries of the collection of the Museu Picasso this January

January is a month of good resolutions and also of renovations, and just as we've been doing for the last few years, it is time for a series of changes in the galleries of the permanent collection of the museum. Changes which are both due to loans of works to our own temporary exhibitions or to other centres, as well as the removal of pieces for their preventive conservation, and also changes that derive from maintaining of a coherent expositive discourse in the galleries. The museum is alive and this movement of works also provides the opportunity of showing the public ...

Restoration of the early twentieth century ceiling in the gallery of Science and Charity

During the month of November in gallery 3 of the permanent collection, in which Picasso’s work Science and Charity is exhibited, restoration works are being carried out of the paintings of the early twentieth century ceiling of the Palau Meca, that had deteriorated with the passing of time. Scaffolding on which the restorers work (more…)

Changes in the collection this autumn

This autumn will be time for renovation and during the months of September and October we will be making changes to the galleries of the permanent collection of the museum, so as to adapt the spaces to the movements of the works, produced, on the one hand, to maintain the criteria of preventive conservation that we apply to the works of the museum (especially the works on paper) and, on the other hand, due to the loans of works that we do to other exhibitions and that other museums and collectionsoffer us. In this sense, the redistribution of the rooms ...

The Pieces of a Jigsaw

I’ve always liked books with pictures. When I was little I spent a lot of afternoons on the sofa leafing through one of the few books with photographs that we had at home. Years later I worked as editor on a collection of history books, which were also illustrated, and I remember my boss at the time saying that the combinations of images should speak for themselves. Provisional and final versions of a page of the second number of the Focus collection"Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition" (more…)