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What can you do at the Museu Picasso during these holidays?

The Christmas holidays are for resting and disconnecting, strolling through the streets with Christmas lights, well wrapped up, meeting up with family and friends, and sharing many meals, but it's also a time for doing a bit of culture! The Museu Picasso proposes a series of ideas for enjoying Picasso inside and outside the museum: (more…)

My personal approach on Picasso’s Barcelona itinerary

Before I started working at the Museum I knew next to nothing about Picasso. The one thing that really stuck in my memory was something my father told me when I was a little girl: as a boy, the great painter constantly filled the margins of his books with drawings! That and the fact that in 1906 he had stayed in Gósol, the village where my mother was born. Of all the things I have had the good fortune to learn as head of Publications at the Museum, one of the most enjoyable has been the discovery of the places around ...