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What lies behind a work? Reflections about Madame Canals [Benedetta Bianco]

Once he had settled down definitively in Paris in 1904, Picasso got back in touch with several of his old friends from Barcelona. Without doubt, it was the ties to Ricard Canals which were strengthened the more in these new circumstances, and the portrait of Benedetta Bianco, the sentimental partner of Canals, testifies to that. At the Bateau Lavoir the two couples – Picasso and Fernande, and Canals and Benedetta – established a very close friendship: according to Fernande, Picasso would spend the days in the studio of Canals and Benedetta would make use of her culinary skills to feed ...

Exhibition ‘Post-Picasso: Contemporary Reactions’

We open a new exhibition, curated by the acclaimed connoisseur Michael FitzGerald, that examines the responses of contemporary artists to the life and work of Pablo Picasso. 'Post-Picasso: Contemporary Reactions' is the first exhibition to reveal the significant trace left by Picasso on contemporary art worldwide. (more…)