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The recipe of the print, research and constant reinvention

Picasso loved engraving and lithography to such an extent, that he dedicated seventy years of his life to it. His beginnings in terms of engraving, however, were neither at the School of Fine Arts of La Corunya nor the Llotja of Barcelona, even though he started to get interested in these graphic arts at the end of the 19th century. Initially, he worked with traditional printing techniques but with time, the procedures, chemical recipes and the necessary operations for engraving were the object of research and constant reinventions. From his research particular recipes were born in some of the techniques that ...

The creative process of Picasso in the University Master’s Degree of Research in Art and Design

The museum  participates in the University Master's Degree of Research in Art and Design organised by the school EINA, by contributing knowledge about the creative process of Picasso. This master's degree points towards two aspects, on the one hand it takes an in-depth look at the critical theory of art and design, and on the other it debates about how art and design can be ways of researching aspects of the world that produce knowledge. Commented visit of the exhibition “Journey through the blue: La Vie”. Work: Pablo Picasso. La Vie. 1903. Oil on canvas. The Cleveland Museum of Art. Gift ...

Sabartés, that great friend

The Museu Picasso will be fifty years old. On this occasion we will publish in our blog a series of articles that commemorate this event and that get the museum’s trajectory closer to the citizens.  There were many people who worked together and fought hard to make the dream come true of opening a museum dedicated to the artist in Barcelona, the city with which Picasso felt closely tied. And there are also many anecdotes which built up this story.  Through these people and the anecdotes, we would like to narrate our history. We start this series talking about one of ...

Farewell to Pepe Serra: assessment of a phase

When our director Pepe Serra said goodbye to the team at the Museu Picasso he told us: ‘We have done ten years’ work in five years.’ What follows is a brief summary of some of the projects carried out during his time as director. · Research and development of exhibitions that contribute knowledge and added value. "Feasting on Paris. Picasso 1900-1907" (2011). Self-Portrait with Palette, Picasso, Paris, 1906 |  "Picasso Looks at Degas" (2010). (more…)

The Making of “Picasso 1936. Traces of an Exhibition”

The putting together of “Picasso 1936. Traces of an Exhibition” was a very special challenge. There we were, an art museum, proposing a show containing no original work of any kind: in the words of the curator of this radical venture, Sílvia Domènech, it was a question of creating an exhibition of documents rather than with documents, in order to conceptualize the significance of the Picasso Exhibition held in Barcelona, ??Madrid and Bilbao in 1936 through analysis of the archives. Interview with Silvia Domenech, curator of the exhibition (more…)