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Things to do at the Museu Picasso during the Christmas holidays

No plans for the holidays? If this Christmas you are in Barcelona we propose activities for all the family that you can do either if you come to the museum or if you stay at home: · Visit the exhibition “Picasso ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona”: an exhibition organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the donation by Jacqueline Picasso of 41 ceramic pieces produced by the artist. One of the display cabinets of the exhibition “Picasso ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona” (more…)

The thousand faces of Jacqueline Picasso

On the occasion of the exhibition “Picasso ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona” the museum presents a selection of prints that bear witness to the relation of the artist and the muse. Jacqueline with black scarf. Picasso, 1959. Lithography: lithographic crayon on zinc, printed on paper Portrait of a woman II. Picasso, 1955. Lithography: lithographic crayon, with frottage, on transfer paper, transferred to stone, printed on paper (more…)

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Exploring Lithography through Picasso’s Experiments with the Technique

Picasso’s development as a printmaker was extraordinary, and as in other areas of his art he crossed boundaries and broke new ground, radically transforming the traditional techniques and stylistic conventions of the medium. The selection of lithographs on show in the Museum’s Prints Rooms under the title "Picasso, Lithographs" is a great opportunity to delve more deeply into the techniques of visual expression by way of the graphic arts. Pablo Picasso, Françoise, 1946. Museu Picasso Barcelona (more…)

Dream and Lie of Franco: beyond Picasso

Removing a work of art from the context in which it is normally found can have surprising consequences, and the exhibition "Cartoons on the Front Line" at the Museu Picasso is a clear illustration of this. The central core of the exhibition is the series of etchings and sugar-lift aquatint with scraper Dream and Lie of Franco, prints by Picasso from the museum’s collection. Dream and Lie of Franco . Paris, 8 January 1937. Etching and sugar aquatint on copper plate, printed on Montval laid paper (more…)

Revealing Secrets

Organizing an exhibition tends to be an arduous process, but at the same time a very rewarding one for the people involved. For curators and coordinators, the lengthy task of selecting the works that support the thesis, tracking these down and arranging the necessary loans usually brings both joys and disappointments. Each success is greeted with enthusiasm, even euphoria, but every refusal comes as a let-down, damping the whole team's spirits. In putting together the show Secret Images. Picasso and Japanese Erotic Prints, the disappointments have been few and the joys many. On the strength of our perception of certain compositional ...