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Confronting Picasso, an expositive exercise

Picasso is the object of a multitude of exhibitions each year that propose new interpretations of his work, analysing in detail a period or a specific theme, or focusing on certain artistic techniques.  But one of the most interesting topics is the relation of Picasso with other artists.  The Museu Picasso, as an institution that promotes the study and diffusion of the figure and work of Picasso, will be presenting this March the exhibition “Picasso-Dalí. Dalí-Picasso”. After “Picasso vs. Rusiñol” and “Picasso Looks at Degas”, this is the third major exhibition dedicated to the exploration of the relations between Picasso ...

Travelling painters and stories by César Aira in the Reading Club

For the session of March 20th, we counted on the presence of a well-known and much-loved figure: Jordi Carrión, jointly responsible for the initiative of the Reading Club of the Museu Picasso and coordinator, until last season, of the sessions. With Carrión, we spoke about Episodio en la vida del pintor viajero and Relatos reunidos, (“An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter” and “Collected Stories”) by César Aira. (more…)

Family workshop of contemporary reactions to Picasso

Based on the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions”, which can currently be visited in the galleries of the museum, we are holding the family workshop “You create, he creates, we create…”, in which we explore artistic creation through sculpture. Visit to the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions” (more…)

Exhibition ‘Post-Picasso: Contemporary Reactions’

We open a new exhibition, curated by the acclaimed connoisseur Michael FitzGerald, that examines the responses of contemporary artists to the life and work of Pablo Picasso. 'Post-Picasso: Contemporary Reactions' is the first exhibition to reveal the significant trace left by Picasso on contemporary art worldwide. (more…)