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Inhabitants of the museum: Jaume Sabartés, the secretary, friend and confidante of Picasso

Jaume Sabartés i Gual was born in Barcelona on June 10th 1881 in the street of Sant Pere més Baix, nº 84. He was the son of Francisco Sabartés Obach, a primary school teacher, from Oliana, and Marial Gual Oromí, from Barcelona. Sabartés is known for having been the personal secretary and confidante of Picasso and also his main biographer. Portrait of Sabartés s/d. Fons Jaume Sabartés. Museu Picasso, Barcelona | Pablo Picasso.  Portrait of Jaume Sabartés with ruff and cap . 22/10/1939. Oil on canvas . 46 x 38 cm. Gift of Jaume Sabartés 1952. MPB 70.241. Museu Picasso, Barcelona / Gasull (more…)

Changes in the galleries of the collection of the Museu Picasso this January

January is a month of good resolutions and also of renovations, and just as we've been doing for the last few years, it is time for a series of changes in the galleries of the permanent collection of the museum. Changes which are both due to loans of works to our own temporary exhibitions or to other centres, as well as the removal of pieces for their preventive conservation, and also changes that derive from maintaining of a coherent expositive discourse in the galleries. The museum is alive and this movement of works also provides the opportunity of showing the public ...

New selection of prints of the collection

This new selection is a series of images that highlights the evolution of the masculine face in the graphic work of Picasso between 1922 and 1971 and it can be seen in Gallery A of the museum from October 29th onwards. Pablo Picasso. Head of a man. París, winter 1925-1926. Etching on zinc plate, printed on paper. 11.9 x 7.9 cm. Gift of Galerie Louis Leiris, 1983. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. MPB 112.651 | Pablo Picasso. Cap. ougins, 19th August, 1964 (I). Soft varnish inked in colours, on copper plate, printed on paper. 41.7 x 31.7 cm, plate; 56.2 x 40 cm, ...

Inhabitants of the museum: Carles Casagemas, the mysterious friend from youth of Picasso

Carles Casagemas i Coll was a Catalan artist and writer who was born in Barcelona on September 27th 1880 within a bourgeois family. His father, Manuel Casagemas i Llabrós, was General Vice-Consul of the United States of America in Barcelona and Lluïsa Casagemas, one of his sisters, was a well-known composer. Casagemas was considered one of the most singular Catalan artists within the framework of the second modernist generation. His main artistic reference was Isidre Nonell. Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Carles Casagemas. 1899-1900. Oil on canvas. 55 x 45 cm. MPB 110.022 | Picasso, Ángel F. de Sotoand Carles Casagemas on ...

Inhabitants of the museum: Léonide Massine, the harlequin of Picasso

Léonide Massine was the artistic name of Leonid Fyodorovich Miassinn, dancer and choreographer from the company of the Ballets Russes. Born in Moscow in 1896, he died in Cologne in 1979. Photograph of Léonide Massine, 1920. Source: Picasso in Italia, Girorgio Cortenova, 1990. | Pablo Picasso. Harlequin. 1917. Oil on canvas. 116 x 90 cm. MPB 10.941 (more…)