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Sánchez Arcas, the friend and guide of Picasso and Eluard in the Congress for Peace

Manuel Sánchez Arcas (1897-1970) was a very active architect during the 1920s and 1930s, and a man committed towards the republican cause. He was considered to be one of the maximum components of the Madrid functionalist rationalism, a follower of Gropius, sub-secretary of Propaganda with the government of the republican president Juan Negrín, during the Civil War, Sánchez Arcas was responsible for taking care of the defence of the monuments of Madrid. A friend of Picasso, Pablo Neruda and Rafael Alberti, the architect, like so many other intellectuals, had to go into exile, because of the republican defeat, first to ...

The Porxos d’en Xifré, Picasso’s first residence in Barcelona

The Porxos d’en Xifré is a historic building of Barcelona which was inaugurated in 1840 after four years of works.  It occupies the block formed by the Passeig d’Isabel II, the Pla de Palau and the streets of Reina Cristina and Llauder, plots of land that were urbanized in 1834 as a result of the demolition of the sea wall. The building was the first to appear in daguerreotype done in Spain and is decorated with Masonic symbols.  But did you know that it was the first place where Picasso lived when his family moved to Barcelona? 

The American adventure of Jaume Sabartés

In the Barcelona years of Pablo Picasso and Jaume Sabartés, the painter always represented his friend as a romantic and melancholic poet. But Bohemian times can never go on too long. The young Sabartés would have wanted to make a living as a writer and a modern artist, but the times didn’t accompany him. The crisis after the war of Cuba led to many youths emigrating and this was the decision that Sabartés took in July 1904, taking advantage of the fact that his maternal uncle, Francisco Gual, had a grocer’s shop in Guatemala City, called La Palmera. He would ...

More than 100 professionals participate in the international symposium about conservation and restoration «Around Picasso»

On 29th November, together with the Universitat Politècnica de València we organised the international symposium, «Around Picasso: an insight into the relationship between material choices and failure mechanisms» with the attendance of more than 120 professionals. The aim was to present the first conclusions of the R&D project ProMeSA through the scientific study that the new technologies allow to be carried out of Picasso's works.  This is, therefore, a multi-disciplinary work for knowing and preventing the physiochemical deterioration of the materials that the artist used throughout his career. As emphasized by the director of the Museu Picasso, Emmanuel Guigon, the symposium ...

Claustre Rafart: «For Picasso and the publishers Gustavo Gili, private and professional formed a whole»

Until 24th February you can visit the exhibition «Pablo Picasso and the publishers Gustavo Gili. Work and friendship» in the Museu Picasso of Barcelona, which reviews the relation of the artist with this family from Barcelona from the 1920s onwards.  We have been talking with Claustre Rafart, curator of the exhibition that you can visit together with the exhibition of «Sabartés by Picasso by Sabartés». Both shared the city of Barcelona as a backdrop.