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The future of museums: report TrendsWatch 2015

The American Alliance of Museums’ Center for the Future of Museums (CFM) has published their annual report TrendsWatch, the fourth they issue.  The CFM is a think tank and R & D lab for fostering creativity and helping museums transcend traditional boundaries to serve society in new ways.  The CFM helps museums explore the cultural, political and economic challenges facing society and devise strategies to shape a better tomorrow. (more…)

Farewell to the Picasso with photos of visitors

After more than five years at the Museu Picasso, working on a wide range of projects, but especially on matters relating to the web and social networks, it feels strange to be writing a last post here. Anyway, I thought that a good way to say goodbye would be to publish a selection of my photos of members of the public looking at works by Picasso in museums around the world. In any museum, one of the most interesting things to look at — alongside the works on show and the design and layout of the museum itself — is ...

Among Van Goghs, Witches and Bicycles

I took advantage of the November holiday to do some sightseeing in the land of cheese, chocolate, bicycles, windmills and canals. No sooner had we arrived in the Netherlands than we headed for Bruges, in Belgium, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000, and then on to Amsterdam, where as well as a lot of canals and bicycles there are also plenty of museums. Buildings in Bruges. Photo: Pau Baños | A windmill in the heart of Amsterdam. Photo: Cristina Martín (more…)

Virtual learning about the cultural heritage: the findings of research at the UOC

How are social and technological changes affecting learning? What can our museums and heritage centres do to provide or co-produce inspiring and meaningful online educational resources for different publics? Janine Sprünker has dealt with all of this and more in her thesis, which we have asked her to summarize so as to share it with you in our blog. The thesis has been distinguished with a well-deserved summa cum laude. Congratulations, Janine, and thanks for condensing several years of research and hundreds of pages for us here! On July 1, I defended the thesis entitled ‘Heritage Education Using Online Educational Resources ...