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Drawings of Picasso. Portraits of the Quatre Gats

The tavern-bar, the Quatre Gats was founded in June 1897, on the ground floor of the Casa Martí, work of the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch; the promoters were Miquel Utrillo, with the support of Ramón Casas and Santiago Rusiñol and the financial collaboration of Manuel Girona. Placed at the front of the establishment was Pere Romeu. Food and drinks were served in the Quatre Gats, like any other tavern, but concerts were also organised, as well as sessions of Chinese shadows and puppets, literary evenings, and exhibitions, and it mainly became a gathering place for artists and intellectuals of ...

This spring’s changes to the Collection

During this month of May we are carrying out new changes in the works exhibited in the Collection. In some cases, as for example the works on paper, the changes are being done for reasons of preventive conservation, but we are also taking advantage of these modifications to be able to show all the wealth of the Collection following a coherent expositive discourse and bringing to light works which perhaps are not so well known from these periods of Picasso. Visitors in the galleries of the Collection (more…)

Horta de Sant Joan: a visit to Picasso’s landscapes

Making the most of the past weekend, I made a personal trip to Horta de Sant Joan, where Picasso stayed on two occasions. Both stays had a great impact on his work: the first was in 1898, when he was still a teenager, and the other in 1909, by which time he was a fully fledged painter immersed in the cultural life of Paris. Picasso in Horta (more…)