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The recipe of the print, research and constant reinvention

Picasso loved engraving and lithography to such an extent, that he dedicated seventy years of his life to it. His beginnings in terms of engraving, however, were neither at the School of Fine Arts of La Corunya nor the Llotja of Barcelona, even though he started to get interested in these graphic arts at the end of the 19th century. Initially, he worked with traditional printing techniques but with time, the procedures, chemical recipes and the necessary operations for engraving were the object of research and constant reinventions. From his research particular recipes were born in some of the techniques that ...

Exploring Lithography through Picasso’s Experiments with the Technique

Picasso’s development as a printmaker was extraordinary, and as in other areas of his art he crossed boundaries and broke new ground, radically transforming the traditional techniques and stylistic conventions of the medium. The selection of lithographs on show in the Museum’s Prints Rooms under the title "Picasso, Lithographs" is a great opportunity to delve more deeply into the techniques of visual expression by way of the graphic arts. Pablo Picasso, Françoise, 1946. Museu Picasso Barcelona (more…)