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Picasso and the artist’s books

The work and the interest of Pablo Picasso for the publishing world is a field which is not explored much and one which brings up numerous surprises, both in the field of current publishing, and more especially in that of bibliophiles. It is in this field, obviously, where we find the most personal projects. Inside the catalogue raisonné of books illustrated by Picasso: Brigitte Baer, Picasso, peintre graveur: vol. 3. Berna, Kornfeld, 1986 (more…)

Farewell to Pepe Serra: assessment of a phase

When our director Pepe Serra said goodbye to the team at the Museu Picasso he told us: ‘We have done ten years’ work in five years.’ What follows is a brief summary of some of the projects carried out during his time as director. · Research and development of exhibitions that contribute knowledge and added value. "Feasting on Paris. Picasso 1900-1907" (2011). Self-Portrait with Palette, Picasso, Paris, 1906 |  "Picasso Looks at Degas" (2010). (more…)

The Reading Club: we close the season looking forward to the next one!

The last session of the Reading Club welcomed two of the most high-profile figures on the Spanish cultural scene today: the artist Pedro G. Romero and the writer and editor Julián Rodríguez. Starting from their reflections on the similarities between two seemingly very different bodies of work — such as the symmetry in the presentation of plot, the fragmented structure and the concept of the archive that runs through both — the two participants stressed the formal and conceptual freedom of their work: Las correspondencias and Ninguna necesidad, respectively. We also talked about how much the context in which a ...

Javier Cercas takes part in the Museu Picasso Reading Club

The April session of the reading club had a very special guest: Javier Cercas came along to talk to us about Soldiers of Salamis, a perfect novel in the context of the exhibition “Cartoons on the Front Line”. Javier Cercas and Jorge Carrión during the session (more…)

Reading Club of the Picasso: we’ll get to know a work of art in-depth!

The Unknown Masterpiece, by Balzac, continues to provoke reflection and debate almost two hundred years after it was written.  We started talking about the text, about how the topic of mastery is elaborated, about how passions are portrayed, the contradictions and the painters’ workshops, of how he talks about money and the conditions of life of the modern artist, and how he reveals the identity of the characters.  We also talked of the tensions that make up its background (between painting and poetry, between love and death, between sense and craziness, between imitation and expression, and a long etcetera). ...