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Inhabitants of the museum: Ramon Reventós, the writer friend of Picasso

Ramón Reventós i Bordoy was a writer and journalist who was born in 1881 in Barcelona, son of master mason Isidre Reventós Amiguet and of Concepció Bordoy Tuyet. Of the nine children they had, the eldest brother Ramon, better known as Moni, and the second Jacint, nicknamed Cinto, were the members of the Reventós family with whom Picasso kept up the closest friendship. Pablo Picasso. Ramon Reventós Bordoy. Barcelona, 1899-1900. Peinture à l’essence, charcoal and Conté crayon on paper. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.872 © Successió Pablo Picasso, VEGAP, Madrid 2015 | Joan Vidal i Ventosa. Fernande Olivier, Pablo Picasso and Ramon Reventós ...

Picassian characters: Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue was born in Arles, on August 14th 1934 within a family of small traders. He become a well-known French photographer and was the first artist of this discipline to become a member of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France. «1973 Dokfilm Picasso by Lucien Clergue Condor Films» of Condor Films. Available under license CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://goo.gl/P3gvZt (more…)

Inhabitants of the museum: Carles Casagemas, the mysterious friend from youth of Picasso

Carles Casagemas i Coll was a Catalan artist and writer who was born in Barcelona on September 27th 1880 within a bourgeois family. His father, Manuel Casagemas i Llabrós, was General Vice-Consul of the United States of America in Barcelona and Lluïsa Casagemas, one of his sisters, was a well-known composer. Casagemas was considered one of the most singular Catalan artists within the framework of the second modernist generation. His main artistic reference was Isidre Nonell. Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Carles Casagemas. 1899-1900. Oil on canvas. 55 x 45 cm. MPB 110.022 | Picasso, Ángel F. de Sotoand Carles Casagemas on ...