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We’re from the neighbourhood! New “Neighbourhood Projects” during the 2013-14 course

This 2013-14 academic year, at the Department of Education and Activities we have once again worked with the schools of Ciutat Vella, within the framework of our “Neighbourhood Projects”. As in the previous projects that we have carried out, the objectives have been to widen our services beyond the school visit, turning ourselves into a useful tool for the schools in the surrounding area, and above all to get closer to the children in our neighbourhood: that the museum (and the people that work there) is for them a familiar place, where they have a significant and valuable experience. Project made ...

The need to reflect so as to continue acting in terms of education

On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd November, part of the Educational Team of the museum attended the 2nd International Congress: Museums in Education. From the outset, it seemed to us to be an interesting topic, around which the contents were based: “From action to reflection”. (more…)

At the Picasso Museum We Want to Create Community Spirit! We Explain Our First Project in Collaboration with Schools in La Ribera

At the Education Service of the Picasso Museum we have developed our first neighbourhood project over the 2009-2010 school year, a proposal for collaboration with the educational institutions attended by the children who are our neighbours. Our primary aim is to offer the museum as an educational resource for primary and secondary schools in La Ribera for them to use it as a starting point for exploring their reality, as well as work with Picasso in a cross-disciplinary way. The programme is designed to offer proposals which vary in subject matter, format and duration that are suited to the realities of ...