El Blog del museo Picasso de Barcelona

The hashtag #PicassoEdu is born in the meeting of cultural bloggers and communicators

We are accompanied on this occasion by a group of cultural bloggers and communicators to get to know first-hand the Education Service of the @MuseuPicasso and to experiment with the Visual Thinking Strategies #VTS. This method is based on observation and dialogue in front of the work of art. EDUCATION SERVICE  @MuseuPicasso We proposed to a number of cultural bloggers and communicators to actively participate in the visit to the collection of the Museu Picasso with the Education Service of the @MuseuPicasso. The tour allowed them to discover what is transmitted to each of them by the contemplation of the work of art, in ...

Picasso as a subject of study

In a collaboration with the University of Barcelona, this autumn the Museu Picasso is starting the first of  the three three-month courses that aim to provide knowledge and methodological tools to doresearch on Pablo Picasso. These courses are part of the program Gaudir UB from the Area of Complementary Training and can be carried out independently so as to take an in-depth look at periods of the trajectory of Picasso, or in a consecutive way so as to explore his work as a whole and how to carry out research about it. They are aimed both at university students as well ...

The summer of Picasso and of the museum

As with each summer, from the museum we put forward a series of proposals so that you are able to get to know the museum onsite and in person, to gain a greater insight in a virtual online way, to discover the Barcelona that Picasso lived in, and above all to get to know the artist a little better, his life as well as his work. (more…)

Evaluation by the internship students of the museum

During this course we initiated a programme of internships which responded, on the one hand, to the commitment of the museum towards collaborating in an active way in the training of future professionals, and on the other, aimed at promoting learning through experience in the professional fields that are carried out in the museum. The experience has been very fruitful for the staff of the museum and we believe that has also been so for our internship students! As follows we include some of their feedback they provided us with: (more…)