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Results of the workshop of engraving and printing

This November we held, in collaboration with the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, a workshop of engraving and printing. The workshop, imparted by Rosa Permanyer, took as its starting point the engravings of the work of Picasso, while experimenting with the dry point technique and other more innovative ones such as Polyester Plate Lithography. Results of the engravings with aluminium plates | Plates of Polyester Lithography in the workshop in the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc (more…)

Picasso and bullfighting

This last April the exhibition “Pablo Picasso: La Tauromàquia (Tauromachy)” was inaugurated at the Fundació Suñol. The exhibition presents the edition of the book, belonging to its own collection, that reproduces the manual La tauromaquia o arte de torear (Tauromachy or the art of bullfighting) by the bullfighter from the 18th century José Delgado (alias Pepe Illo) subsequently illustrated by Picasso with 26 aquatints on the inside and a drypoint on the cover. Pablo Picasso. Tauromachy, 1959. The Goring (more…)