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Masks and drawings in Sant Joan de Déu

The museum has been collaborating since 2010 (and we hope to continue to do so for many years to come!) with Barcelona’s children hospital, the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, through its department of volunteers, carrying out activities with the children resident in the hospital.

Mural St Joan de Déu 2014

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The changes to the Collection this January

This week we have started to make new changes to the permanent Collection of the museum that will be carried out throughout the month of January. This renovation includes the rotation of pieces that have to rest for reasons of preventive conservation, the temporary loan of works to other exhibitions, and the restructuring of the exhibition space so that the tour of the exhibition maintains a coherent discourse.  As follows we will explain the changes, gallery by gallery:

Gallery 1: On the occasion of the third exhibition of the fiftieth anniversary, “50 years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona: The Exhibitions”, the oil painting Self-portrait, painted in 1896, will move from the galleries of the Collection to the temporary exhibition and in its place you will be able to see some other self-portraits.

MPB 110.063MPB 110.205

Pablo Picasso. Self-portrait. 1896. Oil on canvas. 46.5 x 31.5 cm. MPB 110.063 | Pablo Picasso. Self-portrait. 1896. Oil on wood. 22.1 x 13.7 cm. MPB 110.205

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Enthusiastic comments about the Big Draw, la Festa del Dibuix

We have asked Montse Morales to write a text about the Big Draw. As someone who has known the Big Draw since its early days in London, she had been looking for an institution that wanted to bring the Big Draw to the city, and it was she that offered us the idea, made us understand it, and encouraged us to go ahead with it.

Montse is a psychologist and professor of Visual and Plastic Arts Education; responsible for the art section of the children’s and youth’s magazine Cavall Fort and coordinator of the Urban Culture blog of the Master’s Degree in Environmental Intervention from the University of Barcelona, from where she has carried out numerous studies about topics related to childhood and the city.

Workshop “News of the world”

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Big Draw 2013 = creativity + enjoyment + participation

Pencils ready! The “Big Draw, la Festa del Dibuix” has arrived! For the fourth year in a row the museum is celebrating this festa dedicated to drawing. Initially organised by The Campaign for Drawing, the project has become spread all over the world.  Next Sunday, October 20th, you will be able to enjoy 25 free workshops from 11am to 7pm.  For sure you won’t stop drawing!

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This spring’s changes to the Collection

During this month of May we are carrying out new changes in the works exhibited in the Collection. In some cases, as for example the works on paper, the changes are being done for reasons of preventive conservation, but we are also taking advantage of these modifications to be able to show all the wealth of the Collection following a coherent expositive discourse and bringing to light works which perhaps are not so well known from these periods of Picasso.

Visitants a les sales del museu

Visitors in the galleries of the Collection

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The conservation and restoration of pastel

On February 28th the Museu Picasso organised a seminar entitled The pastel technique: specificities of its conservation and restoration.

Restoration detail of the Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

Restoration detail of the Portrait of the Artist’s Mother

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Changes in the Collection for this autumn

This autumn we are carrying out various changes in the works of the Collection both of the paintings as well as the works on paper.  Due to questions of preventive conservation it is important to change the works on paper every three months: in this way, and given the fact that we have a very large collection of these works, the rotational system lets us see the various works that Picasso did in this format, at the same time as applying suitable criteria  for the conservation of works on paper.

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At the Club we talk about creative drawing and much more

Parle-leur de batailles, de rois et d’élephants, by Mathias Enard, was a terrific starting point for a discussion not only of the novel itself (about the mysterious and undocumented journey that Michelangelo made to Istanbul to design a bridge for the Golden Horn that would connect the two halves of the city) but also of other issues more or less related to the text, from the representation of otherness and the conflict between Orientalism and the reality of the East to Picasso and the great artists that in one way or another we read through Michelangelo and his way of thinking and practising total art. The conversation was very interesting and the large turnout participated enthusiastically.

Sketches illustrating an article about Michelangelo’s supposed visit to Istanbul

Sketches illustrating an article about Michelangelo’s supposed visit to Istanbul. Source Read more »


How to set up a Big Draw (Museu Picasso-style)

On Sunday 23 October we celebrated the second annual Big Draw Festival of Drawing, an initiative originally launched in London that explores drawing not only as a creative medium but also as a great form of communication, learning and recreation for people of all ages.

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A Palazzo by the Arno for Picasso

The Palazzo Giulia Rosselmini Gualandi, a magnificent Renaissance mansion on the banks of the Arno, is home to the Fondazzione Palazzo Blu, and is hosting the exhibition “Ho voluto essere pittore e sono diventato Picasso” — I Wanted to Be a Painter and I Became Picasso. This is the first ever show of Picasso’s work in the city of Pisa and it runs from 14 October 2011 to 29 January 2012. The major retrospective brings together some two hundred works, including paintings, drawings, ceramics and etchings, and traces Picasso’s output from 1901 to 1970. The show has been organized and coordinated by the Giunti Arte Mostre e Musei cultural council, and was curated by Claudia Beltrami Ceppi.

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