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New Season of the Reading Club

We resume the sessions of the Reading Club that this year will be held on the second Thursday of each month.  In the third edition of this programme, we count on, amongst others, the coordination and collaboration of Jordi Carrión, who will moderate some sessions that already have a very loyal public. Reading Club attendees, 2011-2012 Edition (more…)

A Collage before Collage

I first took a proper look at the Picasso drawing Man Leaning against a Wall, the starting point of the exhibition A "Collage before Collage”, when I was preparing my essay on Miró and collage. In this early work the lines drawn by the artist’s hand are complemented by a mechanical reproduction of a photographic image, which set me to thinking that it could be seen as a forerunner of the subject was dealing with in the book. However, the date of the drawing — March 1899 —was so far in advance of the discovery of collage in the spring ...

A post post – Big Draw

After a project that people have put a lot of hours, energies and hopes into it always takes a little time to put your emotions in place again and look back on the whole thing and evaluate it, and go on from there to plan future on the strength of all that has been learned. In the case of Big Draw, all of us in the team have been going through this process. And at this very moment of immersion in the assessment, both positive and negative, and the planning of where to go in order to make the project grow ...