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Digital challenges (for heritage, for the cultural sector)

Are we, the organisations, adapting ourselves well to the digital environment? Undoubtedly, a lot of progress has been made and there are successful initiatives and notable efforts have been made towards knowing how to live, or survive (?), in the new setting. But are we doing enough? And are we doing it well enough? Digital users. New York. Photo: Conxa Rodà (more…)

What do the Museu Picasso, Europeana and cultural hackers have in common?

That’s easy: the philosophy of making content and tools available to users. The Museu Picasso has a collection and the aim of extending knowledge and enjoyment of it to the greatest possible number of users. The Europeana internet portal, which currently offers access to some 19 million cultural objects, has the same aim as the Museum. The expert developers have the skills and the talent to make the data ‘play’ and extract open applications that are made accessible to the public. This happy triangulation has proved an ideal culture medium, helping make the Hackathon event in Barcelona and the prototypes it ...

Museums and the Web in 10 Flashes / 1

In the process of sedimenting the contents of the conference a fair number of summaries and reflections, most of them in English, have been appearing in blogs. There is so much to Museums and the Web that each of us can only highlight some of the aspects and links that we find particularly relevant. Allow me to present my selection. At the end you will find links to others. As every year, all of the papers and presentations are accessible online. Alignment of the intervention in networks and on mobiles with the mission and goals of the institution Integrated digital strategy 25 concepts ...