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The 8 names of Picasso: a reading proposal for this summer

From the library we propose recuperating some poetry dedicated to Picasso and published some forty-five years ago.  We are referring to the book by Rafael Alberti (1902-1999), The 8 names of Picasso and I don't say more than I don't say published in Barcelona by the publisher Kairós, in 1970, and which was reprinted twice, in the same year and in 1978. (more…)

From Picasso “Pour Sabartés”

When Anna Guarro and I sat down in February to programme the series of articles of the blog dedicated to the 50 years of the Museum, these lines were not foreseen.  Well, what I mean to say is that personally I hadn’t thought about writing anything else about Sabartés. It was Anna’s idea, who proposed writing a text entitled “Pour Sabartés”. Sincerely, initially it seemed to me that perhaps there was already enough with so much Sabartés, but it’s clear, “What the boss says, goes” (with all my affection, Anna), so I took the idea on board and decided I ...