El Blog del museo Picasso de Barcelona

Restoration of the early twentieth century ceiling in the gallery of Science and Charity

During the month of November in gallery 3 of the permanent collection, in which Picasso’s work Science and Charity is exhibited, restoration works are being carried out of the paintings of the early twentieth century ceiling of the Palau Meca, that had deteriorated with the passing of time. Scaffolding on which the restorers work (more…)

Picasso’s portraits within the European project CHARISMA

The group of material characterization of heritage at the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, led by professor José Francisco García, and the Department of Preventive Conservation from the Museu Picasso with Reyes Jiménez and the assistance of Anna Vélez, have started the development of the study “Early stages of Picasso through material characterization of different portraits” within the framework of the European project CHARISMA (Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures). This project has been coordinated by Dr. B. Brunetti from the University of Perugia, which has facilitated the use of the mobile laboratory MOLAB. (more…)

Changes in the Collection for this autumn

This autumn we are carrying out various changes in the works of the Collection both of the paintings as well as the works on paper.  Due to questions of preventive conservation it is important to change the works on paper every three months: in this way, and given the fact that we have a very large collection of these works, the rotational system lets us see the various works that Picasso did in this format, at the same time as applying suitable criteria  for the conservation of works on paper. (more…)

Conference on decorative printed paper at Museu Picasso

The presentation of the process of restoring the Palau Aguilar’s 16th-century polychrome printed wallpaper recovered in 2010 (see the article on the website) was a perfect opportunity for a professional get-together on Monday the 12th. The director of the Museu Picasso, Pepe Serra, opened the conference with a reminder of the important contribution made by technical expertise (materials, creative processes, etc) in the documentation not only of the museum’s collections and also of its buildings. Restoring the Palau Aguilar’s ceiling (more…)