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Changes in the Collection during September 2016: ceramic is the protagonist

In 1955 the first congress organized by the International Academy of Ceramics took place in Cannes, on the occasion of which an exhibition was held. Pablo Picasso participated with several of his works. This year the 47th congress will be taking place in Barcelona, dedicated to ceramics in architecture and the public space. For this reason we are presenting the 41 ceramics donated by Jacqueline Picasso in 1982, a selection of photographs from our collection that documents Picasso working in pottery, and the original engravings the artist did for the exhibition that was held in Vallauris. (more…)

Changes in the collection: we incorporate three magnificent works of Picasso on loan

Continuing the policy of exchanges of the Museum with other museums and institutions of prestige, from January 26th to June 20th we will be presenting - in THE GALLERY 16 - three paintings from the last period of Pablo Picasso, property of the Lousiana Museum of Modern Art of Humlebaek, Denmark. The presentation of these three oil paintings represents a complement to our collection so as to be able to understand the creative process, the vitality and the spirit of renovation and provocation of the artist right up to the end. Pablo Picasso. Woman and pipe-player II. Cannes, April 18th, 1956. Oil ...

2016 in the Museu Picasso

In the previous post we explained what the major milestones of 2015 had been: in this one we would like to present our projects for 2016, that we are beginning full of energy and with proposals in all the activity fields of the museum. With regard to our exhibition programme, we will present the exhibition Cubism and war. The crystal in the flame, which will be the main exhibition of the expositive season of the museum, focused on the survival of the European avant-garde artists established in Paris during the First World War. The response to the conflict of war was ...

The summer of Picasso and of the museum

As with each summer, from the museum we put forward a series of proposals so that you are able to get to know the museum onsite and in person, to gain a greater insight in a virtual online way, to discover the Barcelona that Picasso lived in, and above all to get to know the artist a little better, his life as well as his work. (more…)

Sugar-lift aquatint by Pablo Picasso. The delicacy of the etching of pictorial effects

The aquatint is one of the main procedures for etching in metal or intaglio printmaking, and in this type of etching the incisions or grooves are deep. This technique of indirect incision etching or of corrosion by mordant was highly used by Picasso, in a specific way or as a mixed technique. Pablo Picasso. Childhood memories: street festival with a funny chap and El gigante. Mougins, 4th June, 1968 (I). Sugar lift aquatint on partially greased copper plate, printed on Rives vellum paper (Sabartés proof). 22.5 x 29 cm (plate); 35.1 x 42 cm (paper; irregular). Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. Museu Picasso, Barcelona. Photo: Estudi ...