El Blog del museo Picasso de Barcelona

Digital education: a two-way training

In May I attended the presentation of the guide for families “How to involve yourself in the digital education of your children” (cat). A guide focused on parents so as to orient them in the education of a digital environment in which we are now immersed. This one, like other guides, forms part of a series of resources focused on parents and teachers which are being generated around the news ways of communication and the current technological learning. Guide for families “How to involve yourself in the digital education of your children” (more…)

Family workshop of contemporary reactions to Picasso

Based on the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions”, which can currently be visited in the galleries of the museum, we are holding the family workshop “You create, he creates, we create…”, in which we explore artistic creation through sculpture. Visit to the exhibition “Post-Picasso. Contemporary reactions” (more…)

Storytelling is back at the museum: the second edition of “Contes i Tocs”

Two years ago, the museum proposed to children and adults a new way of enjoying and looking at the works of the Collection through the tales and the stories that Patricia McGill and Ignasi Potrony, two storytellers with a long trajectory, constructed in the rooms with their imagination and that of all the participants. (more…)

Pi, pica, picas(so): music and neighbourhood in the museum

Within the project entitled Pi, pica, picas(so), and for the second year in a row, the Museu Picasso opened its doors one Spring Monday for the boys and girls from the nursery schools of the neighbourhood to offer them a live music concert given by the group Tres & Jazz. The musical proposal was inspired by a selection of five paintings, a piece of pottery by Picasso and some photographs that the children had the chance to look at and observe in detail during the school course. Children from the neighbourhood in the middle of a concert (more…)