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Earth, water and fire, ingredients of the kitchen and pottery

Earth, water and fire are the essential ingredients of the kitchen and pottery, activities linked in the origin of humanity. For the first humans, fire represented a point of inflection due to the incorporation in the diet of cooked foods, but also for other uses such as protection against predators or the development of utensils made from ceramics and other materials.

2012 of the Museu Picasso in images

We are starting 2013 very much on the right foot and with good perspectives for the future of the museum.  Nevertheless, we don’t want to forget everything we did in 2012, so you can find here a small selection of images of some of the projects we carried out in the museum last year: In 2012 we started a new period in the hands of the director Bernardo Laniado-Romero, focusing especially on a revision of the Collection of the museum, as well as giving emphasis to education and accessibility from all the fields. Man leaning against a wall. Pablo Picasso 1899 ...

Things to do at the Museu Picasso during the Christmas holidays

No plans for the holidays? If this Christmas you are in Barcelona we propose activities for all the family that you can do either if you come to the museum or if you stay at home: · Visit the exhibition “Picasso ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona”: an exhibition organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the donation by Jacqueline Picasso of 41 ceramic pieces produced by the artist. One of the display cabinets of the exhibition “Picasso ceramics. Jacqueline’s gift to Barcelona” (more…)