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What can you do at the Museu Picasso during these holidays?

The Christmas holidays are for resting and disconnecting, strolling through the streets with Christmas lights, well wrapped up, meeting up with family and friends, and sharing many meals, but it's also a time for doing a bit of culture! The Museu Picasso proposes a series of ideas for enjoying Picasso inside and outside the museum: (more…)

The colours of the Picassos or mission impossible

Who hasn't felt deceived, or even annoyed, when, on leaving a good exhibition with some magnificent works, you then take a look at the exhibition catalogue? Why is it that the reproductions often seem so far from the reality that just a few minutes before had been recorded on our retina? How is it that the majority of the postcards we want to buy we see as poor or barely faithful to the original? Checking the colour test of the work Portrait of Benedetta Bianco (more…)

After the exhibition“Yo Picasso. Self-Portraits”

The catalogues of exhibitions have a double life.  On the one hand, they are the testimony of a temporary and short-lived event that gathers together a series of works and documents in one place and in one space, selected by the curators to illustrate or suggest an idea, a thesis, that structures and covers both the exhibition and the catalogue.  On the other hand, once the period of time has passed in which we are allowed to live the experience of the exhibition, the catalogue loses this original temporality and becomes an essay, a specialised monograph. All this preamble leads us ...

The Pieces of a Jigsaw

I’ve always liked books with pictures. When I was little I spent a lot of afternoons on the sofa leafing through one of the few books with photographs that we had at home. Years later I worked as editor on a collection of history books, which were also illustrated, and I remember my boss at the time saying that the combinations of images should speak for themselves. Provisional and final versions of a page of the second number of the Focus collection"Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition" (more…)

The Museu Picasso’s 2011 in images

The task of choosing the most representative images of this year that is coming to an end was far from easy. Between us, we have worked on a lot of projects! Exhibitions, activities, research and restoration, education, registrar, library, publications, communications, administration, visitor services… it’s a long list. Here, then, is just a taste of what the museum has done in 2011. (more…)