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Picasso’s portraits within the European project CHARISMA

The group of material characterization of heritage at the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, led by professor José Francisco García, and the Department of Preventive Conservation from the Museu Picasso with Reyes Jiménez and the assistance of Anna Vélez, have started the development of the study “Early stages of Picasso through material characterization of different portraits” within the framework of the European project CHARISMA (Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures). This project has been coordinated by Dr. B. Brunetti from the University of Perugia, which has facilitated the use of the mobile laboratory MOLAB. (more…)

Let’s Explore the Collection: “Science and Charity Revealed”

"Science and Charity Revealed" marks the start of a series of small-format exhibitions or displays designed to offer a ground-breaking and in-depth vision of key works in our collection. Launching this new approach here at the Museum is Science and Charity (1897), one of the most significant works in the collection and arguably the most representative of Picasso’s formative years. The oil painting Science and Charity marks the culmination of the young painter’s experience of official academic art education in nineteenth-century Spain, and at the same time the point at which he broke away from the influence of his art-teacher father. ...