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“Querido Sabartés” Jaume Sabartés seen by Pablo Picasso

Last Thursday we began a series of annual master conferences based around the work of Picasso in honour of the founder of the museum, Jaume Sabartés. The first of these was given by Elizabeth Cowling, exploring the role that caricature played in Picasso's portraits based on the ones he did of Sabartés during the years of friendship they shared. Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Jaume Sabartés, Seated. 1900. Watercolour and charcoal on paper. 50,5 x 33 cm. MPB 70.228 | Pablo Picasso. Blue portrait of Jaume Sabartés. Oil on canvas. 46 x 38 cm. MPB 70.491 | Pablo Picasso. "Poeta decadente". Portrait ...

A retrospective look: 50 years of exhibitions in the Museu Picasso

The first temporary exhibition that was held in our museum was in 1971 and it  gathered together the works of Picasso that were conserved in the collection of his close friend Manolo Hugué. Since that first exhibition, which only lasted a week, until the latest one entitled "Journey Through the Blue: La Vie", inaugurated in October 2013, a lot of exhibitions have been held. In total, 79 have been presented, with very different formats, themes and durations, and they are summed up in the third and last exhibition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the museum "50 Years of the ...

Picasso on record: testimonies. Joan Gaspar

Joan Gaspar Farreras (Barcelona, 1941) comes, on his father's side, from a family of gallery owners, and on his mother's side from a lineage of doctors. Collocating the plaque with the name of the museum on the façade of the Palau Berenguer d’Aguilar c.1963. Photograph: Hernández. Museu Picasso, Barcelona | Plaque with the name of the museum on the façade of the Palau Berenguer d’Aguilar. c.1963. Museu Picasso, Barcelona (more…)

The changes to the Collection this January

This week we have started to make new changes to the permanent Collection of the museum that will be carried out throughout the month of January. This renovation includes the rotation of pieces that have to rest for reasons of preventive conservation, the temporary loan of works to other exhibitions, and the restructuring of the exhibition space so that the tour of the exhibition maintains a coherent discourse.  As follows we will explain the changes, gallery by gallery: Gallery 1: On the occasion of the third exhibition of the fiftieth anniversary, “50 years of the Museu Picasso in Barcelona: The Exhibitions”, ...

2013 of the Museu Picasso in images

This December we have presented the new programming for the museum for 2014, but before finishing 2013 we would like to take a look back over the activities, exhibitions and work that have been carried out during this year that is coming to a close. Here is a selection of images of the highlights of the museum during 2013: (more…)