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Picasso’s Las Meninas

Valentín Roma As part of the series 'the Collection seen by...' the Museu Picasso invited professor Valentín Roma to give a talk, and we are now posting on our blog the excerpts most directly related to Picasso's famous work. This is a highly stimulating, playful and provocative text: 5-star recommended reading. I would like to propose two terms in relation to Picasso and Las Meninas. The first term is tradition. The second term is promiscuity. We can distinguish four kinds of artistic promiscuity: the promiscuity of the flesh, the promiscuity of time, the promiscuity of the gaze and the promiscuity of history. (more…)

The Why and the How of the New Presentation of Las Meninas

The return of Las Meninas to the museum after being out on loan for the exhibitions Picasso et les maitres, at the Grand Palais in Paris, and Picasso. Challenging the Past, at the National Gallery in London, together with the important gift of a preliminary drawing of the series, has led the Museum to a new presentation of the series of variations on the great painting by Velázquez that Picasso made between August and December 1957. Our intention has been to respect the will of the artist and faithfully reflect his creative process. According to his friend and biographer Roland Penrose ...

Opening of “The donation of David Douglas Duncan, II”

Since Thursday October 2nd you can enjoy the second of the exhibitions organised with the snapshots that the international photographer David Douglas Duncan, friend of Pablo and Jacqueline Picasso, donated to the museum on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. The new proposal counts on a selection of images by this photographer which are a documentary testimony of the Picasso's process of creation. David Douglas Duncan. Picasso Making a Spanish Platter. La Californie, abril de 1957. Modern inkjet digital print. 50 x 60 cm. Gift of David Douglas Duncan, 2013 (more…)

Inhabitants of the museum: The Infanta Margarita Maria, a tragic icon

When Velázquez painted Las Meninas in 1656, the most revolutionary portrait of a Royal Family until that moment until that moment, the Infanta Margarita Maria Teresa of Austria, who at that time was 5 years old, was heiress to the Spanish Crown. In that moment, her brother Carles, hadn’t yet been born but was the one who would end up reigning and who, due to his fragile state of health, would be known by the nickname of The Bewitched. But when Velázquez produced what would be his major masterpiece, Margarita was the guarantee of the continuity of the Austria in ...

Evocation and reinterpretation of Picasso

A portrait of Jacqueline, carried out by Picasso in 1957, was the origin and original inspiration of the performance by Eulàlia Valldosera, The Other Invisibles, which took place on 9th May in one of the galleries of the museum. In an exercise of self-hypnosis, the artist turned her body into a sort of antenna and with the help of the attending public, invoked Picasso and Jacqueline herself, Picasso's last wife and the recurrent model of his paintings in the last years of his life, by means of the vibration and recordings of the painting, in a very moving action that ...