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Bringing to light the other face of the Museu Picasso

The Museu Picasso is one of the places of Barcelona which attracts more people. As well as offering clear cultural contents of unarguable recognition, it is also a place of urban reference where the city exhibits, explains and represents. A building where many periods and architectural styles of major historic and patrimonial interest live together.   The lighting of the building on the one hand should provide support to the natural light during the day in those spaces of gloom, and during the night place the building on the map of the nighttime landscape of the city, showing off the beauty and ...

La Femme visible by Salvador Dalí at the Reading Club

For the session of the Reading Club of this month of April, we took a risk with a marvellous, but very demanding, book: La Femme visible, by Salvador Dalí, in the magnificent edition of Vicent Santamaria de Mingo. Demanding, because the texts in La Femme visible, that Dalí originally published in 1930, were his artistic statement as well as his letter of introduction in front of the surrealists of Paris. (more…)

Barcelona Secret Museum, by Ignacio Vidal-Folch, at the Reading Club

One of the interests of the Reading Club has been, right from the very beginning, the city of Barcelona, not only because it is one of the Picassian cities par excellence, but also because a major part of the art of the 20th century was created, based on, or as a reflection around, the urban experience.  The city, however, can’t be reflected on  easily: it requires new forms, new outlines, new words and new ways of combining these words. Barcelona Secret Museum, by Vidal-Folch, proposes an audacious solution to the difficulty of speaking about a city that is unattainable by ...

Speaking of Pablo. 1. Max Jacob, with Jaume Capdevila ‘KAP’ in the Reading Club

For the February session of the Reading Club we counted on the luxury presence of Jaume Capdevila, ‘KAP’, with whom we spoke about this wonderful book, interesting for all kinds of people interested on Picasso, and centered on his first period in Paris and his relationship with Fernande Olivier. The memories of this lady, that we read in the club in one of the previous editions, are precisely the inspiration of the project of Birmant and Oubrerie. Cover of the graphic novel Pablo Picasso 1. Max Jacob de Julie Birman and Clément Oubrerie (more…)

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