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MOLAB I – Following the Trail of Picasso: Reasoned Study of Six Portraits of Youth

I – Early stages of Picasso through material characterization of different portraits On November 27th we presented in the Lecture hall of the University of Barcelona a research project about the study of the technique of the young Picasso. The project, called Early stages of Picasso through material characterization of different portraits, has been the result of a trilateral agreement between the Museu Picasso and the University of Barcelona with the European project CHARISMA-MOLAB. Thanks to the scientific and technical support provided by the mobile laboratory MOLAB and the team from the department of chemical analysis of the University of Barcelona, we ...

Restoration of three landscapes produced by Picasso in Malaga in the summer of 1896

We recently undertook the restoration of three landscapes from the collection painted by the young Picasso in the summer of 1896.  As we will explain further on, we consider that the series should be conceived as a unit and for this reason the three works were intervened within the framework of the same project. Process of restoration (more…)

Looking without being seen: restoration of a wooden lattice of the façade of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona

The street of Montcada gathers together a singular representation of architecture of late medieval Barcelona. The so-called “large houses” that make it up are today a conjunction and superimposition of styles, that despite the transformations, haven’t lost their original spirit. Detail of the lattice before and after the restoration (more…)

Restoration of the The frugal repast and the Ovidi’s Metamorphoses

Multiplying the images by means of a copper matrix is the essence of the print. This allows the artist to produce multiple prints that can be acquired and spread around the world. Pablo Picasso. The frugal repast. Paris, September 1904. Etching and scraping on zinc plate, printed on paper. 46,3 x 37,7 cm (plate). 61,4 x 44,3 cm (irregular; paper). Gift of Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.011 (more…)

Restoration of two pieces of stone from the Palau Aguilar

Recently two fragments of sculptural elements from the architectural heritage collection of the museum have been restored. They were placed on the ground of the courtyard of the Palau Aguilar, it is not known exactly when, and they have been testimony over the years to the different renovations of the buildings by their successive owners. Even though their origin is still to be determined, due to their formal and decorative characteristics they are perfectly compatible with their whole setting and we can therefore situate them around the 16th century. Large piece prior to restoration with the coat of arms of the ...

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