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A singular and growing collection

The birth and creation of the Museu Picasso was not easy in a country and a city in which there were quite a few collectors of the painter and the environment surrounding Franco was against them. Picasso vowed to not put a foot in Spain while there was a dictator but it was very clear to the artist that Barcelona should have a Picasso museum. His Catalan friends who visited him in the last decades of his life coincided in highlighting the fact that Picasso loved to talk about his years in Barcelona. Nostalgia? For sure, but also a deep ...

The pin-up girls as a humorous element of the letters between Picasso and Sabartés

The compositions with pin-up girls form a sub-category in the correspondence between Pablo Picasso and Jaume Sabartés. These small creations are an example of the humour that impregnated their friendship, not evading any type of joke, not even the dirty or sexual ones. They referred to them as “things to make you tremble and laugh,” and they did so increasingly in the 1950s, when both were already in their seventies.

Inhabitants of the Museum: Pepe-Hillo, an authentic bullfighter

In our series about  the inhabitants of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona, we would like to dedicate this article to José Delgado Guerra, better known as Pepe-Hillo (sometimes written without the either the ‘h’ or the hyphen: Pepe Illo), who apart from being a key figure in the evolution of bullfighting, also achieved major popularity with his rather unorthodox style.

Photography and poetry, protagonists of the museum’s temporary exhibitions in 2019

Photography and poetry, based around the work of Picasso, will be the two thematic axes that the temporary exhibitions will focus on, which can be seen in the Museu Picasso throughout 2019, among them, one dedicated to the relation between Picasso and Paul Eluard. The museum is preparing a programme based on these two disciplines, photography and poetry, which were of crucial importance in Picasso’s work. The photographic section of the new season will be focused on a unique exhibition, Under the eye of the photographer, Picasso in his studios, which will be open from 7th June until 24th September. Throughout ...

The American adventure of Jaume Sabartés

In the Barcelona years of Pablo Picasso and Jaume Sabartés, the painter always represented his friend as a romantic and melancholic poet. But Bohemian times can never go on too long. The young Sabartés would have wanted to make a living as a writer and a modern artist, but the times didn’t accompany him. The crisis after the war of Cuba led to many youths emigrating and this was the decision that Sabartés took in July 1904, taking advantage of the fact that his maternal uncle, Francisco Gual, had a grocer’s shop in Guatemala City, called La Palmera. He would ...

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