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“Picasso discovers Paris”, a trip to Bohemia at the beginning of the 20th century

On 21st September we will officially open to the public “Picasso discovers Paris” in the Museu Picasso of Barcelona. This is an exhibition that aims to transmit the impact that the French capital caused on the artist the first two times he traveled there, and which has been possible thanks to an exchange of works with the Museé d’Orsay and the Museé National Picasso-París. (more…)

The recipe of the print, research and constant reinvention

Picasso loved engraving and lithography to such an extent, that he dedicated seventy years of his life to it. His beginnings in terms of engraving, however, were neither at the School of Fine Arts of La Corunya nor the Llotja of Barcelona, even though he started to get interested in these graphic arts at the end of the 19th century. Initially, he worked with traditional printing techniques but with time, the procedures, chemical recipes and the necessary operations for engraving were the object of research and constant reinventions. From his research particular recipes were born in some of the techniques that ...

The kitchen and restaurants, protagonists of Picasso’s still-lifes

The still life, a genre considered to be minor in painting, in the case of Picasso and other artists, takes on a special relevance during the cubist period, a movement born in bars and restaurants, which were a meeting point of artists and a space of coexistence where they shared anecdotes and good food. (more…)

The birth of a young promise in the Quatre Gats

The alehouse-tavern-hostel called the Quatre Gats opened its doors in 1897, during a period of full artistic effervescence. Barcelona was living a "golden age" of lights and shade with the demographic growth caused by the rural migration to the urban areas, industrial development and the tensions between the social classes. (more…)

Inhabitants of the Museum: Benedetta Bianco, Mrs Canals

In a previous post, we already talked to you about the origin of Mrs. Canals, one of the most outstanding portraits of the collection of the Museu Picasso of Barcelona, which the artist from Malaga painted in the autumn of 1905 while he was living in Paris.  But, without putting to one side the relation with Picasso, on this occasion we want to delve in a little more into the figure of a woman who also appears in works of other artists of the period, and who would often become the heart and soul of parties.

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