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Inhabitants of the museum: The Infanta Margarita Maria, a tragic icon

When Velázquez painted Las Meninas in 1656, the most revolutionary portrait of a Royal Family until that moment until that moment, the Infanta Margarita Maria Teresa of Austria, who at that time was 5 years old, was heiress to the Spanish Crown. In that moment, her brother Carles, hadn’t yet been born but was the one who would end up reigning and who, due to his fragile state of health, would be known by the nickname of The Bewitched. But when Velázquez produced what would be his major masterpiece, Margarita was the guarantee of the continuity of the Austria in ...

Bernard Plossu: “Picasso is a photographer!”

During the last days of Picasso, the photographer’s gaze, the exhibition has had a luxury guest, the French photographer Bernard Plossu (1945), well known for his subtle and poetic landscapes in black and white and one of today’s major European photographers. While, in the photomontage of Joan Fontcuberta, which is included in the exhibition, Picasso wore two watches, then Plossu had two cameras hanging around his neck during the guided visit to the exhibition on Thursday12th September, accompanied by the director of the museum, Emmanuel Guigon, and the curator of the exhibition, Violeta Andrés.

Josep Rocarol, the set designer who saved the monastery of Pedralbes

In October 1902 Picasso and his friend Josep Rocarol i Faura took the train from Barcelona to Paris.  They were happy because they had just managed to avoid doing the military service after their respective families had paid an amount to “redeem them” from the mili.  For Picasso this would be his third trip to Paris.  Very excited but with not a lot of money in their pockets: Rocarol, 35 pesetas; Picasso, over confident that things would work out, not one cent.  Just on reaching Paris, they went to stay in a cheap hotel of Montparnasse. Rocarol paid, of course, ...

Picasso, behind and in front of the camera

In mass society, the stars are photographed to infinity and Picasso was the first international media star painter. Therefore, it is to be expected that his relationship with photography was very intense, either in front of the camera - how many great photographers of the 20th century photographed him! – as well as behind it. The exhibition «Picasso, the photographer’s gaze», which you can see in the museum until 24th September, precisely explores this fruitful relation between Picasso and photography. But this isn’t just an exhibition of photographs by Picasso and about Picasso, but it also aims to bear testimony to ...

One hundred years since the gift of The Harlequin

The Harlequin is one of the most emblematic paintings of the Museu Picasso, a painting that that shouldn’t be missing from any anthology of the permanent collection. Apart from its importance within the group of the most outstanding works of the museum, the painting is important for us because it was the first gift that Picasso donated to the Art Museums of Barcelona, the city where he was formed and became consolidated as an artist. The museum is now celebrating the centenary of that pioneering donation in 1919. Picasso had produced the painting two years before in Barcelona, during his ...

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