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Teachers: we propose you come and get to know us

Last academic year we presented a new educational proposal for the students that visit us within the framework of the field trips programmed by schools and institutes, a proposal you can read about in this article in the blog and that, after this first course, we rate highly in terms of how it helps us to work on the relationship between the students and the works of art. Introducing the new educational proposal (more…)

We’re from the neighbourhood! New “Neighbourhood Projects” during the 2013-14 course

This 2013-14 academic year, at the Department of Education and Activities we have once again worked with the schools of Ciutat Vella, within the framework of our “Neighbourhood Projects”. As in the previous projects that we have carried out, the objectives have been to widen our services beyond the school visit, turning ourselves into a useful tool for the schools in the surrounding area, and above all to get closer to the children in our neighbourhood: that the museum (and the people that work there) is for them a familiar place, where they have a significant and valuable experience. Project made ...

Neighbourhood Projects: How We Work with Local Schools

We must begin this post with an enthusiastic statement, namely, that the Education Service enjoys a privileged position within the Museu Picasso. Privileged because the institution has a strong commitment to the educational mission that should be an intrinsic part of every museum; because the Education Service, now in its fourth year, has very visibly consolidated its role and enjoys a really positive response from educators and students; because we have new facilities that allow us to work even better with even bigger groups; because we are continuing to grow and take on new challenges, such as teacher training, activities ...

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