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The inhabitants of the museum: Jacqueline Roque

Continuing the series of the inhabitants of our museum we are going to talk about one of the leading characters from the life and work of Picasso,of the muse of the muses, who he loved in his maturity and with whom he totally fell in love with, Jacqueline Picasso. The last wife of the artist was born in Paris under the name of Jacqueline Roque, in February 1927.  Her father abandoned them so she lived with her mother until she died, when  Jacqueline was eighteen years old. (more…)

What lies behind a work? Reflections about Madame Canals [Benedetta Bianco]

Once he had settled down definitively in Paris in 1904, Picasso got back in touch with several of his old friends from Barcelona. Without doubt, it was the ties to Ricard Canals which were strengthened the more in these new circumstances, and the portrait of Benedetta Bianco, the sentimental partner of Canals, testifies to that. At the Bateau Lavoir the two couples – Picasso and Fernande, and Canals and Benedetta – established a very close friendship: according to Fernande, Picasso would spend the days in the studio of Canals and Benedetta would make use of her culinary skills to feed ...

Approximations to the Laboratory Exchanges – III

During the month of March we held the third Laboratory Exchanges. The contents developed during these sessions, as well as the previous ones, will be included in the speech of the project “FX Archive: from Economy zero”, within the framework of which we will also present the exhibition “Economy: Picasso” this May. As follows we will give you a summary of the most relevant contents of the third sessions of these laboratories: (more…)

The Mystery of the Tilted Picture

If you have visited the collection of the Museu Picasso in recent years and have a sharp eye you will probably have noticed that one of the artworks slants away from the wall at an angle. Do you know which picture we’re talking about? In fact, this is one of the highlights of the collection: Motherhood, a pastel from 1903. Motherhood. Pablo Picasso, 1903 (more…)

Two Old Friends Meet again in Space, Time and Art

After spending two years apart in different rooms of the Museu Picasso, now, as a result of a redistribution of the collection towards the end of 2011, two highlights of our collection —Woman's Head (Fernande), from 1905, and Portrait of Madame Canals (1906), now known as Madame Canals — are on show in the same space once again, directly facing one another. This new placing of the two works, the first a sculpture and the other a painting, reflects a desire to explain the influence of their respective models on the personal and artistic world of Picasso in Paris in ...

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