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The inhabitants of the museum: “Las Meninas”

Not so long ago we published a chronology of Las Meninas of Picasso, on the occasion of the anniversary of the beginning of the series of paintings that Picasso did, based around this work of Velázquez. On various occasions we have stated that this is one of the most relevant works of our collection; even more so, given that it is the only series by Picasso, of those that he painted during the decade of the nineteen fifties, which is conserved and exhibited as a whole and has not been divided up, as it happened with the other series tackled by ...

13,000 participations in the Big Draw 2015!

On Sunday October 25th, the date of the anniversary of Pablo Picasso's birth (he was born in 1881), we celebrated the sixth edition of the Big Draw, with the collaboration of other entities from the neighbourhood, who joined in with this celebration of drawing. The 22 workshops spread around the neighbourhoods of La Ribera, Santa Caterina and Sant Pere received more than 13,000 participations. Big Draw Barcelona 2015 (more…)

Picasso as a subject of study

In a collaboration with the University of Barcelona, this autumn the Museu Picasso is starting the first of  the three three-month courses that aim to provide knowledge and methodological tools to doresearch on Pablo Picasso. These courses are part of the program Gaudir UB from the Area of Complementary Training and can be carried out independently so as to take an in-depth look at periods of the trajectory of Picasso, or in a consecutive way so as to explore his work as a whole and how to carry out research about it. They are aimed both at university students as well ...

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